Create Your Artwork

If you’re struggling to get started, have no fear. Our team have created café barrier artwork templates for all banner sizes, ready for you or your designer to make a statement. This makes printing your banners a piece of cake, giving you access to your café signage sooner rather than later. We make the process as simple as possible, providing you with complete control over your designs, because no-one knows your business better than you. Unleash your creativity.

Build That Barrier

It’s not a barrier without a stand, so we have a selection of café barrier metalwork: posts, crossbeams, and spares to suit your fancy. There are even options to suit both indoor and outdoor use, with PVC, PVC Mesh and Canvas offering different properties.

Step-by-Step Creation

The creation of your café barrier system can be done in a few clicks. Just head to our homepage, choose your materials, upload your designs, and watch your masterpiece come to fruition.