Materials Matter

Our affordability is not at the expense of quality. In fact, we have more options on the very best metalwork, banners and spare café barrier parts than ever before. Top that off with our customer and design support services, and you’re surely onto a winner.

Looking Good

While we know your designs will catch the eye of eager passers-by, we understand that sometimes, you just want a minimal block colour café barrier system. Who doesn’t? If you want to add a splash of colour to an outdoor or indoor environment, with the added benefit of sectioning those areas off, there’s no better way to do it. We can print bespoke block colour barriers to match any colour reference, ensuring that your brand is consistently represented, all for an affordable cost.

Banners on a Budget

PVC, PVC mesh and canvas banners are available, and each material has its benefits. The best bit? You’re free to choose which one suits your needs and budget, giving you complete control over how your barriers ultimately look. Want a café barrier with your face on it? Go ahead, we won’t stop you. We actually think it’ll look great. You can easily order new banners for your café barriers online if you’re running a seasonal promotion.